MAThread® and MATpoint® Fasteners

MAThread® and MATpoint® use a patented thread design that prevents virtually all threaded fasteners from cross threading and/or jamming during installation. Thanks to its thread design, misaligned MAThread fasteners automatically become aligned with their mating parts and thread normally during assembly.

By eliminating the need for initial hand threading, MAThread reduces assembly time and improves operator ergonomics.

A New Standard for Automotive Manufacturers
Due to its unique properties, MATpoint has become the preferred standard screw for companies like General Motors, Chrysler, Mercedes Benz,
and Volvo Cars.

MAThread products’ versatility also allows themto be widely used in the manufacture of trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles,
computers, printers, furniture, construction, heavy-duty engines, and earth-moving equipment.

Improved Product Quality
With MAThread® and MATpoint®:
• Cross threading disappears
• Paint interference is eliminated
• False threading does not occur

With standard threads, each time one of these failures occur, the cost of scrap, re-work, and downtime jumps. With MAThread products, fewer plant and after-market repairs mean lower warranty costs and increased profitability.

Improved Ergonomics
Since the lead threads of MAThread products are very similar to a ball bearing in shape, operators feel almost no feedback during early fastener run-down. To operators installing thousands of fasteners per shift, this ergonomic improvement is a very significant benefit.

Improved Torque Control
MAThread products eliminate torque “spikes” early in the fastener run-down, which makes torque monitoring and torque/angle control much more consistent.

A Money Saver
MAThread products reduce the net cost of an assembly by dramatically improving installation time and eliminating costs resulting from waste, rework, and warranty repairs associated with conventional joints.


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