Self-Tapping Screws and GRIP-LITE

It’s a hot, sweltering day in the middle of the summer. And for perfect timing, the air conditioner unit has decided not to function properly. When the temperature gets into the 90°, it’s a necessity to have the AC at full blast or there will be lots of uncomfortable people. A quick inspection of the air conditioning unit shows many different parts, including sheets of thin metal and specific screws inserted in them. What are these screws and why are they a good fit here?

Advantages of Self-Tapping Screws

The answer: they’re self-tapping screws. It’s a common fastener designed to drill its own holes into wood, metal or plastic. By using a screwdriver, you can create precisely fitted threads. They also perform well when working with two different kinds of material being fastened together.

Elgin Fastener Group has mountains of experience providing the right solutions in the self-tapping screw market. The huge question on customers minds is cost. How much money will it take to get the right fastener for my need? Presently, everything is going thinner to decrease cost and weight; it’s more competitive and cost-conscious than ever. But you can’t sacrifice quality in this process.

Success Story: Grip-Lite Screws

This is where Grip-Lite screws, produced by Leland Powell Fasteners under the Elgin umbrella, come into focus. These self-tapping screws are designed specifically for thin sheet metal applications and reduce the incidences of stripping in the material. They provide a tight assembly with increased strip-out torque which improves joint strength and has a radius point for safety. Grip-Lite screws, available in standard head styles with diameters from #6 through 5/16”, also lower the assembly costs by eliminating the need for expensive clips and inserts that slow down production.

Specifically, Elgin Fastener Group sells millions of these self-tapping screws to heating and air conditioning clients because of the thin sheet metal used in these applications. One of the best features is the rounded point which prevents the screw points from puncturing the insulation on the wiring inside the units. This happens with standard sharp-pointed tapping screws. The rounded points also prevent scratches and injuries to the assembly and repair workers. Lower costs combined with safety results in Grip-Lite being a massive success story for Elgin Fastener Group.

Delivering Results

Grip-Lite is not only used in heating and air conditioning units. Elgin has produced these self-tapping screws for kitchen appliances and lawn and garden equipment. Its versatility throughout various fields proves it’s a reliable fastener and a dependable part. From providing tight assembly with strip-out torque to preventing screws from drilling its own hole if assembly is misaligned, Grip-Lite provides customers quality and satisfaction. Contact Elgin Fastener Group today to request a quote for your self-tapping screw application.