Zinc Phosphate Coating for Fasteners

Elgin Fastener Group has numerous capabilities to offer its customer base. From hot and cold forging fasteners to wire form to closed die cold forming, we have the answers to improve your overall business performance.

One of these Elgin capabilities is metal finishing. Poor planning or missed deliveries from plating suppliers is not acceptable. Elgin has the proper engineering and an in-house lab to handle any metal finishing job, from smaller, delicate barrel loads to heavier, larger basket parts to long, bulky rack applications.

One of the products in the metal finishing capability area that Elgin utilizes is zinc phosphate coatings. What exactly is zinc phosphate coating? This is a process that is widely used to improve corrosion resistance and paint adhesion on steel and iron. They’re used frequently in conjunction with sodium stearate to form a lubrication layer in cold and hot forging applications.

The sodium stearate reacts with the phosphate crystal which, in turn, is strongly bonded to the metal surface. The reacted soap layer then forms a base for additional unreacted soap to be deposited on top so that a thick, three-part coating of zinc phosphate, redacted soap and unreacted soap is built up.

The resulting coating remains adhered to the metal surface even under extreme deformation. The zinc phosphate is in fact abrasive and it’s the soap which performs the actual lubrication. The soap layer must be thick enough to prevent substantial contact between the metal forming dies and phosphate crystal.

In short, the coating process converts the metal surface to which it is applied into a nonmetallic, polycrystalline coating that contains iron, manganese, nickel and zinc phosphates. This process can be used to treat metals individually or in mixed production.

Why is zinc phosphate coating important? In addition to corrosion resistance, the zinc phosphate coating process can improve the appearance of finished goods through the creation of a uniform appearance. The process is also a cost-effective alternative to plating or painting, particularly on hidden metal parts.

Elgin Fastener Group offers several different metal finishing services. The zinc clear, zinc yellow, and black phosphate coatings offer our customers options and we have years of experience perfecting these processes. Especially in the states of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, our plating operation can help clients get the expert attention they’ll need to complete their projects.

Metal finishing is just another example of the quality service Elgin Fastener Group provides to customers. Our reach and influence spreads out among many different industries. We have sales representatives from all across the nation ready to answer and deliver solutions. At Elgin, we want to simplify the ordering process and lower production costs. There’s nothing wrong with that. Request a quote from us and get your project started.