Closed Die Cold Forming

Elgin Fastener Group’s manufacturing expertise includes cold formed fasteners. As the largest single-source supplier of specialty fasteners in the nation, we offer a high level of repeatability and quality standards in closed die cold forming.

Cold forming creates favorable strain (work) hardening. With closed die cold forming, metal fills the space within the die cavity as it’s plastically compressed into the mold.

The closed die cold forming process can increase tensile strength of parts, especially under the head.

Benefits of Closed Die Cold Formed Nuts and Cold Formed Bolts

  • Reduced material scrap compared to machining
  • Strengthened end product due to the flow of material grain
  • Parts virtually free from burrs and rough edges through use of rounded dies
  • Better utilization of materials with chipless production

Closed die cold forming technology produces a highly accurate finished product that is repeatable at large volumes. Our high-speed, high-volume manufacturing capabilities make us the right partner for on-time delivery of the parts you need.