Elgin Specialty Fasteners

Nuts, bolts and screws are all around us in just about everything we do. For the average Joe, it would be as simple as going down to the local hardware store or national chain outlet and purchasing what they need. For industries with specific needs in specific areas, the ordering is more unique. A certain machine, lawn mower or appliance might be required to have a specialty fastener built in order to maximize production. Where would a company turn to place a large-scale order for specialty fasteners?

At Elgin Fastener Group, our 10 domestic manufacturers and metal finishers align with one common goal: To be your single-source supplier of open/closed die cold formed, hot forged, wire formed, stamped, and branded/licensed specialty fasteners. We guarantee a selection of fasteners limited only by the imagination, and achieved by our dedication to consistent quality. At Elgin, we’re here to answer any questions or issues you might be having with a specific product or part.

Speciality Fastener Capabilities

There are many different types of specialty fastener uses and designs that Elgin can produce for greater efficiency and longer lasting productivity. Hot forging is required when large amounts of plastic deformation are needed to form the part. The advantage is increased ductility and no need to strain harden the metal. In open die cold forming, the metal is placed between two flat dies and compressed until the shape is revealed. Cold forming creates favorable strain hardening. In closed die cold forming, the metal fills the space within the die cavity as it plastically compressed into the mold. This creates favorable strain hardening. Explore all our capabilities to see what’s possible and the avenues Elgin can take in the specialty fastener industry.

Material Inventory

In addition to all these designs, Elgin possesses a deep and diverse raw material inventory. From exotic materials such as Ferralium and Tantalum to alloys that combine corrosion strength with outstanding weldability like Inconel and Monel, we have the ability to work with many different types of raw materials unmatched in the specialty fastener industry. Want a Silicon Bronze 655 screw? We got you covered. A A-286 bolt? No problem. Elgin has all the technical specifications for each material and common applications you’ll need to determine the right course of action. The decision-making process can move forward by requesting a quote from our team of experts.

Everyday Applications

Where would someone find an Elgin specialty fastener at work in everyday life? If you’re mowing your lawn this weekend, our specialty fasteners and wire frames hold homesteads around the nation together. An example are head bolts for gas engines/engine assembly to erase leaking head gaskets. John Hubbard, engineer at EFG’s Martin, TN plant, has seen many real life applications.

“We worked with a major die cast motor manufacturer to create a screw with special thread and point configurations that eradicated a leak issue,” Hubbard said. “The new fastener virtually eliminated warranty issues due to fastener related links.”

In appliances, you can find thread rolling screws and sheet metal screws designed to speed up assembly and provide cost efficiency. A specific example included a longtime appliance industry account set in a motion a unit redesign and invested significantly in a new blow mold tooling. Elgin was able to design and produce a fastener to hold the unit together and meet the season-opening deadline. This is just one example of how Elgin creates workable solutions for their customers.

“EFG-Martin worked with a major HVAC customer to design a new screw with special head, threat and point features that eliminated screw strip outs and piercing of wire insulation by the fastener’s sharp points,” Hubbard said. “These improvements dramatically reduced electrical failures and call backs.”

Right Fastener Right Now

These two above example are just a few instances of Elgin creating specialty fasteners for a client to meet specific needs. Our reach and influence spreads out among many different industries. The message is clear: we get the job done efficiently, effectively and on-time. We have sales representatives from all across the nation ready to answer and deliver solutions. At Elgin, we want to simplify the ordering process and lower production costs. There’s nothing wrong with that.