Three Reasons Why Cleveland Really Does Rock

The trio of companies comprising the Cleveland operations of the Elgin Fastener Group (Chandler Products, Quality Bolt & Screw, Telefast Industries) offer more than 185 years of fastener manufacturing experience. Each division has its own unique history, and brings its own special set of capabilities to the industrial fastener industry.

Chandler Products is located in Euclid and began operations in 1913 as an automobile manufacturer, transitioning strictly to the production of automotive bolts in 1930. Today Chandler Products is recognized as a leading supplier of custom engineered fasteners, able to meet demanding requirements for close tolerances and unique shapes through their extensive utilization of secondary equipment. These operations include pointing, shaving, trimming, grinding, drilling, and CNC work. Long known for their reputation as a major supplier to the diesel engine/heavy truck market, Chandler Products also maintains QSLM certification for Class 2 and Class 3 threaded fasteners as a key supplier to the military and defense markets (Cage Code: 83386).

Quality Bolt and Screw, in Brecksville, started in 1958. Like Chandler Products, QBS also excels in the production of highly engineered specialty fasteners, but produces standard fasteners as well. Quality Bolt and Screw offers a larger diameter range of product than Chandler, starting at ¼” and going through 1-1/4”. QBS also has QSLM certification and supplies parts to the military and defense industries (Cage Code: 0BCN3).

Located in Berea, Telefast Industries originated in 1986, but actually has ties to other Cleveland cold forming operations that date back to the early 1900’s. Today, Telefast Industries is known as one of the few remaining domestic manufacturers of internally threaded fasteners, but produces externally threaded parts as well. TI rounds out the military supplier trifecta by also being QSLM certified (Cage Code: 3CW33).

It takes commitment, effort, dependable employees, and more than a little luck to remain in business for as long as these three companies have. Domestic manufacturing (particularly in the Midwest) has taken a beating over the last few years, but Chandler Products, Quality Bolt and Screw, and Telefast Industries are still showing the world that Cleveland is home to more than the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Fastener manufacturing rocks in Cleveland!