Screw Threads and Automotive Uses

The family is starting to grow a little too big for the basic four-door automobile. Two car seats, a couple of bags with all the essential items and a walker are just a few of the items lugged back and forth on trips to relative’s house or a cross-country trip. Room is needed and what better way to help ease this concern than with a full-size minivan such as a Honda Odyssey. Little do people know Elgin Fastener Group has made a helpful contribution inside the minivan to create more space opportunities.

This is just one of the many practical applications where Elgin has created a specialty fastener for a company with a pressing need. Different problems bring different solutions in what type of fastener to use. In this case, Elgin was dealing with screws but as everyone knows not all screws were made the same. What type of thread is present is crucial in the application.

A screw thread is a helical structure used to convert between rotational and linear movement. It’s a ridge wrapped around a cylinder or cone in the form of a helix, with the former being called a straight thread and the latter a tapered thread. The screw thread is the essential feature of the screw as a simple machine and also as a fastener such as wood and machine screws, nuts, and bolts.

The design can differ in many ways as well. From the gender of the screw thread (male vs. female) to the handedness (which way the helix of a thread twists), there are many factors that contribute to the end product. For example, there are three characteristic diameters of screw threads: major, minor, and pitch. Along with this, industry standards have minimum and maximum limits for each one of these for all recognized threads. Other important design factors include thread depth and taper.

Back to the Honda Odyssey. How exactly is Elgin Fasteners Group helping out? In minivans, seats can be folded down to create more room and comfort for this riding along. Elgin has manufactured folding seat pivot bolts that are essential to the action. These are a large shouldered Truss machine screw but with standard machine screw threads. Next time you’re clearing space in a Honda Odyssey or folding one of the seats down, remember Elgin Fasteners Group was responsible for this seamless and helpful action.

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