Ohio Rod Products is Now Elgin Fastener Group, Versailles Plant


Versailles Logo

Our partnership with Ohio Rod Products, now known as EFG Versailles Plant, provides you with the convenience of the largest single source supplier for all of your specialty fastener needs. Expanded product offerings include:

  • Specialists in long length, small diameter headed and threaded fasteners with diameters through 5/8″ and lengths to 96″
  • Access to exotic materials including Hastelloy™, Monel™, Inconel™, Waspalloy™, Nickel alloys,100+ grades of stainless steel, and more
  • Accredited ISO 7025/A2LA testing laboratories
  • One-stop shopping for open/closed die cold formed, hot forged, wire formed, stamped, branded/licensed specialty fasteners, and metal plating.
  • Domestic fasteners for such industries as lawn and garden, electric motors and pumps, power generation, oil and gas, agriculture, heavy equipment, ship building, appliances, diesel engines, material handling, automotive, and recreation