LO-DRIV® Thread Rolling Fasteners

LO-DRIV® thread rolling fasteners can lower the cost of assembly operations in several ways. They improve the speed of assembly, reduce operator fatigue and strip-out problems, and eliminate cross threading and the need to pretap holes.

The unique point and body design provides superior forming pressure relief which lowers driving torque. The fastener’s forming relief feature extends all the way up into the body where the circumference of the threads are at their largest diameter. Lower driving torque allows drivers to drive fasteners faster and reduces operator fatigue.

As soon as the relief area of the LO-DRIV® thread passes through the assembly, the driving torque drops almost to zero. All of the driver’s energy is then converted into high clamping force, which keeps assemblies tight during use. This helps to reduce repair and warranty costs associated with loosening fasteners.

When LO-DRIV® fasteners are driven into drilled or cast holes they create strong, tightly mating internal threads. The fasteners can not cross thread when driven because they create their own mating threads in the assembly. The 360 degree body contact of LO-DRIV® fasteners is highly resistant to stripping out when being seated.

#6 1/2"
M4 M12
5/16" 3"
8mm 80mm
Case Hardened
Cold Forming