PLASTITE® 48-2 Fasteners

Plastite® 48-2 Trilobular™ thread-rolling screws have twin lead threads to provide faster, more efficient insertion. The sharp 48° thread profile increases holding strength and reduces material displacement and boss bursting tendencies. Drive and strip torques are higher, making drive tool adjustments simple. NOTE: Component and boss design should allow for much faster engagement than with single lead screws.

Size/TPI – The PLASTITE® 48-2 screw size designation combines the commonly used numerical screw size with the major diameter (Max. “D”), as measured with ordinary micrometers, followed by the number of threads per inch.

Recommended pilot hole sizes are subject to variation dependent on depth of engagement, ease of driving required and material being tapped. Users of PLASTITE® 48-2 screws should perform their own test to determine the most efficient pilot hole size for their own particular use, or contact the application engineering department of a qualified supplier or REMINC.

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#2 1/2"
M2 M12
3/16" 4"
5mm 100mm
 Low Carbon Steel
 Low Carbon Steel
 Alloy Steel
 Other Alloy
 Stainless Steel
 300 Series
 400 Series
 Other Exotic
 Cold Forming


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