PUSHTITE® II Fasteners

PUSHTITE® II Trilobular™ fasteners are designed to be pressed into recommended hole sizes with a single, straight-line stroke. They can be used in a broad range of thermoplastics of widely varying densities. PUSHTITE® II fasteners combine a 3 lobe thread form with a 70° – 10° semi-buttress thread shape to permit easy entry and provide exceptional pull-out resistance.

Threads are helical, not annular, permitting displaced air to escape during insertion.
The helical thread form also allows the fasteners to be removed and reinserted if necessary.
Recommended length of thread engagement is two screw diameters minimum.

The range of suggested hole sizes is large because of the range of densities in thermoplastic compounds and length of thread engagements. Generally, low density plastic can use smaller hole diameters. Long lengths of engagement (2.5 to 3 diameters) require larger holes.

Tamper Resistant yet Removable for Service.
PUSHTITE® II fasteners are normally available with a drive system in the head for removal, adjustment or final tightening. Where adjustment or removal is not required, they are available without slot, recess or socket in the head.

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#2 1/2"
M2 M12
3/16" 4"
5mm 100mm
 Low Carbon Steel
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 Alloy Steel
 Other Alloy
 Stainless Steel
 300 Series
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